ERW (Welded) Pipes

Seamless pipes are formed from a solid round steel billets. It is manufactured for high-pressure applications and is widely use in Construction, Oil refining, Chemical & Petro-chemical Industries etc.

Steel consumption reached 9.68 million MT and is growing by 10% yearly for the fast increase of development within the county.

Amongst this consumption, 81% goes for Construction, 9% for light & heavy fabrication, 5% for ship building, 4% for packaging and 1% for others. (Philippines Country Report, 2016)

Solid Steel has been supplying Seamless pipes for over 2000MT due to its high demand. It ensures to provide the standard specifications ASME, ASTM, DIN, BS, TIS, ANSI, JIS, GB and more.

It also serves with Material, Product and/or Inspection Certificates (Mill Test Certificates) to assure its quality and for the satisfactory feedback from the client.

Apparently, the company’s best handling services offered made it known not only for single type of businesses but also to distinguished companies all over Philippines.

ERW (Weldedd) Pipes

ERW (Welded) Pipe Prices

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